Ceccy Twum Se Meku Me Ho Mp3 Download

Ceccy Twum Se Meku Me Ho Mp3 Download
Cece Twum – Se Mekume Ho (Aseda) Mp3 Download

This divine collaboration of Cece Twum and Nacee with the soul-soothing gospel track, “Se Meku Me Ho (Aseda),” featured on the Golden Oil album.
Produced, and featured by the talented Nacee of Tone Hall Studio, this Ghanaian gospel gem was released in 2019, offering listeners a harmonious blend of Cece Twum’s uplifting vocals and Nacee’s masterful production.
With a file size of 4.19 MB and a length of 04:34, “Se Meku Me Ho” invites you to experience the power of gratitude and worship.

Afrohitjamz is delighted to provide an MP3 download of “Se Meku Me Ho” by Cece Twum featuring Nacee. Download, listen, and share the heartfelt melodies and spiritual richness embedded in this gospel collaboration.

As a platform dedicated to promoting diverse African music genres, Afrohitjamz.com invites you to embark on a sacred journey through the resonant rhythms and sincere vocals of “Se Meku Me Ho.” Exclusively.

Download, listen, and share.

Cece Twum – Se Mekume Ho (Aseda) File Information
  • File Size: 4.19 MB
  • Length: 04:34
  • Artist: Cece Twum
  • Song Title: Se Meku Me Ho
  • Producer: Nacee
  • Album: Golden Oil
  • Genre: Gospel
  • Released: 2019

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Se Meku Me Ho Song by Cece Twum


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