Daddy Lumba Interview
Daddy Lumba Interview

Ghanaian Highlife legend, Daddy Lumba, says he was confined to bed for over five years.

This predicament, he noted, taught him a valuable lesson in life.

The singer in the latest interview on his birthday, September 29, opened up about his life, adding that, he is willing to interact more with his fans now.

On his 58th birthday, Daddy Lumba pondered over his life, detailing moments where friends who promised to be there for him left when he fell sick.

“So it was after my mum’s death that I got sick… I have been sick for about five years… and on my sick bed, it dawned on me that people loved me but at that point, I was alone and wondering why,” the Aben Wo Ha hitmaker said.

‘I was bedridden for 5 years’, Daddy Lumba finally speak

“You can have people around you and even family, but you will be shocked if you have to sit in a wheelchair for 10 years, you will realize that what I said is true. I have been through it, so if I am saying this, you have to believe me,” Daddy Lumba said.

According to him, fame and money attract the crowd but when he was left alone on his sick bed, he realized not everyone truly loved him.

Source: Joy News


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