Daddy Lumba Gyama Abɔ Woso

Daddy Lumba Gyama Abɔ Woso
Daddy Lumba – Gyama Abɔ Woso Mp3 Download
Daddy Lumba – Gyama Abɔ Woso File Information

Daddy Lumba, a legendary figure in Ghanaian music, delivers yet another timeless gem with “Gyama Abɔ Woso.” Translating to “Have you been startled or shocked?” in Akan, this track captures the essence of highlife with its infectious rhythms and captivating melodies.

Featured on his album of the same name, “Gyama Abɔ Woso” boasts a file size of 4.91 MB and a duration of 05:17, offering listeners a rich and immersive musical experience. Daddy Lumba’s distinctive vocals, combined with the vibrant instrumentation, create a nostalgic and electrifying atmosphere.

Released in 2024 in Ghana, “Gyama Abo Woso” quickly became a favorite among fans of highlife music, cementing Daddy Lumba’s status as a true icon of the genre. The song’s irresistible groove and catchy hooks make it a standout addition to any playlist, showcasing the timeless appeal of Ghanaian music.

As listeners download and enjoy “Gyama Abɔ Woso,” they’re invited to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Ghana. Daddy Lumba’s mastery of highlife shines through in every note, reminding us of the power of music to evoke emotion and bring people together.

In a world filled with uncertainty, “Gyama Abo Woso” serves as a beacon of joy and celebration, uplifting spirits and inspiring listeners to dance to the rhythms of life. Daddy Lumba continues to captivate audiences through his music, leaving an indelible mark on the Ghanaian music scene and beyond.

  • File Size: 4.91 MB
  • Duration: 05:17
  • Artiste Name: Daddy Lumba
  • Song Title: Gyama Abɔ Woso
  • Genre: Highlife
  • Album: Gyama Abɔ Woso
  • Released Date: 2024
  • Country: Ghana

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Gyama Abɔ Woso, Song by Daddy Lumba.


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