The Ghanaian music industry mourns the loss of another legendary figure as news emerged in the early hours of Wednesday, March 20, 2024, of the passing of renowned Highlife musician George Darko. Often hailed as the “King of Burger Highlife,” Darko’s death marks a significant loss, following closely after the recent passing of another Highlife veteran, KK Kabobo. The cause of Darko’s demise has yet to be disclosed, leaving fans and admirers reflecting on his remarkable contributions to Ghana’s music landscape.

Born in Akropong in the Eastern Region of Ghana, George Darko’s musical journey began in his youth, when he initially immersed himself in traditional dancing and drumming. However, a fortuitous encounter with a teacher who crafted his guitar ignited Darko’s passion for the stringed instrument.

Inspired by legendary Western bands such as The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, Darko infused contemporary sensibilities into the rich tapestry of Highlife music.

Darko’s debut solo cassette, “The Reborn Avengers,” showcased his innovative guitar techniques and quickly garnered acclaim. His musical prowess led him to Germany, where he played a pivotal role in forming the Bus Stop Band, emerging as its lead vocalist and contributing significantly to their success.

Following the band’s dissolution in 1988, Darko embarked on a solo career, captivating audiences with electrifying performances and timeless hits such as “Akoo Te Brofo,” “Obi Abayewa,” and “Odo Colour.”

Throughout his illustrious career, George Darko’s influence extended beyond his musical talents. As the Tufuhene of Akropong, he held a position of honor within his community, embodying both cultural heritage and artistic innovation.

His contributions to Highlife music have been immortalized in compilations such as the revered “Kings of Highlife” album, solidifying his status as a pioneer of the genre.

George Darko’s legacy lives on through his timeless music, which continues to resonate with audiences both at home and abroad.

As Ghanaians fondly remember his iconic melodies and infectious rhythms, his passing serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of music to transcend time and unite hearts in celebration of life’s rich tapestry.

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Geroge Darko


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